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Dept. of Communications and Computer Eng., School of Fundamental Sc. and Eng., Waseda Univ.
Dept. of Computer Sc. and Communications Eng., Graduate School of Fundamental Sc. and Eng. Waseda Univ.


Shun'ichi SEKIGUCHIi
Dingjie PENG
2nd Degree
Kouki ANDO
Jiaqian XIE
Chikanori MACHIDA
1st Degree
Yousuke OHYA
Yurika SOUMA
Yuanyong YU
Arishajafuri NOZAKI
Meihui LI



March 2024 Graduates

  • Naho INOUE: Studies on Emotion Estimation for Advertisement Presented in Virtual Space Using Bio-signals and Physical Features of Images (Master Thesis)
  • Erika SAITO: Studies on Improving Accuracy of Suspicious Object Detection by Transformer Model Using Passive Imager Images and Active Imager Images (Master Thesis)
  • Hiroki NISHIMURA: Studies on Inter-frame Video Prediction Models Applying Loss Functions Considering Structural Features of Images to DNN (Master Thesis)
  • Yosuke OYA: A Study on Generating Dataset and its Evaluation for Estimating Liquid Water Content by Dual-frequency Radar Using ARM Meteorological Data (Bechelor Thesis)
  • Maki KUBO: Studies on Emotion Estimation for Users Watching Metaverse Advertising Using Bio-signals and Physical Image Features (Bechelor Thesis)
  • Jinhong HOU: Studies on Detecting Dangerous Driving Behaviors Using Human Skeletal Information (Bechelor Thesis)
  • Tomoha SUNAMURA: A Study on Accuracy Comparison of Future Frame Prediction by Different DNNs Using Pseudo-future Frame (Bechelor Thesis)
  • Saho TAKAMATSU: A Study on Readers' Emotion Estimation to Font Variation by Using Bio-signals (Bechelor Thesis)
  • Yurika SOUMA: Studies on Estimating Emotions of Music Listeners Using Bio-signals and Source-separated Acoustic Features (Bechelor Thesis)
  • Yurika MACHIDA: A Study on LSTM-based Prediction of Arm Movement Aiming for Mitigating Communication Delay Effect (Bechelor Thesis)

September 2023 Graduates

  • Ryuichi INOUE: A Study on Estimation Accuracy Improvement of Video Viewers' Emotions for Unlearned Data Using Bio-signals and Physical Features of Video with Sound-source Separated Audio Features (Master Thesis)
  • Dingjie PENG: Studies on Advancements in Deep Learning Based Image Semantic Segmenation (Master Thesis)

March 2023 Graduates

  • Hiroki ONO: A Study on Estimation of Contents Viewers' Emotions for Unlearned Data Using Bio-signals and Audio-visual Physical Features (Master Thesis)
  • Kousuke KUROSAWA: A Study on the Detection Performance of Specific Responses in High-dimensional Questionnaire Data (Master Thesis)
  • Kanato SAKAMA: Studies on Improving Prediction Accuracy of PredNet by Using Multiple Convolutional Kernels and Combining Features of a Pseudo-future Frame (Master Thesis)
  • Koki ANDO: A Study on Subjective Video Quality Estimation Using Bio-signals While Viewing Variable Bitrate 360-degree Videos by HMD (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Keita IZAWA: Study on Emotion Estimation of Video Viewers by Transfer Learning and Fine-Tuning Aiming for Reducing Subject's Loads (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Naoko IMAI: Study on Improvement of Frame Prediction Accuracy Using GAN and PredNet (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Kakeru OSHIYAMA: Study on Estimating Subjective Video Quality of Mobile Device Users by Using Bio-signals in Real-life Environments While Viewing Videos of Variable Bitrates (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Yuta SOMEMIYA: A Study on Prediction of Biceps Brachii Muscle Movement by LSTM Using Myoelectric Data (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Chikanori MACHIDA: Study on Estimation of SNS Users' Emotions Using Bio-signals and Features of SNS Postings (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Shotaro YAMAGUCHI: Study on Estimating Emotions of Music Listeners Using Bio-signals and Time-series of Audio Features (Bacoelor Thesis)

September 2022 Graduates

  • Huanzhoutong WU: Study on Resilient Performance of DCGAN Generated Images Under One-pixel Attack (Master Thesis)
  • Junyi TIAN: Study On Suspicious Behavior Detection Using Human Skeleton Information (Master Thesis)

March 2022 Graduates

  • Kentaro OIKE: A Study on Improving QoE Estimation Accuracy Using Bio-signals for Variable Bitrate Videos (Master Thesis)
  • Yuma KITAGAWA: Study on Emotion Estimation of SNS Users by Using Bio-signals and Text Analyses (Master Thesis)
  • Chi XU: Study on Mood Classification of Japanese Lyric Songs by Similarity Calculation of Emotional-words and Lyrics (Master Thesis)
  • Nanami TANIZAWA: Emotion Estimation of Music Listeners by Using Bio-signals and Machine Learnings (Master Thesis)
  • Yuan CHANG: Study on Driver Drowsiness Detection Based on Multitask Deep Learning Method with Transfer Learning (Master Thesis)
  • Syoutaro MISHINA: Estimating Subjective Video Quality of Smartphone Users Considering their Video-watching Contexts under Daily-life Environment (Master Thesis)
  • Nanako IKOMA: Study on Mobile Device Users' Posture Estimation During Video Viewing at Home by Sensors' Data (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Nao INOUE: Study on Estimating Emotions of Video Viewers by Realtime Emotion Acquisition Using Joystick and More Learning Data (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Erika SAITO: Study on Improving Accuracy of Suspicious Object Detection Using Passive Imager Images and Active Imager Images (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Hiroki NISHIMURA: A Study on Generating Multi-step Predictive Frames and Various Evaluation Metrics (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Ami MASUTANI: Emotion Estimation of Music Listeners Using Bio-signals by NMF (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Mana MATSUMOTO: A Study on QoE Estimation for Variable Bitrate Videos Using Bio-signals by Autoencoder (Bachelor Thesis)

September 2021 Graduates

  • Hiroyuki TAKAHASHI: A Study on Detecting Anormal Respondents Using Variational Autoencoder and Gaussian Mixture Model in Large Questionnaire Response Data (Master Thesis)
  • Ryuichi INOUE: A Study on Estimation of Short Video Viewers' Emotion by Bio-signals Using Random Forest (Bachelor Thesis)

March 2021 Graduates

  • Naruki KANNO: A Study on Accuracy Comparison of Suspicious Object Detection Methods Using Passive-imager Images (Master Thesis)
  • Hiromi SHIMIZU: A Study on Context Analysis and Estimation of Mobile Users Considering the Time Series of Sensor Data and Bio-Signals (Master Thesis)
  • Yuuki HIROI: A Study on Person Re-identification Using Spatial-temporal Features (Master Thesis)
  • Misato MATSUMURA: A Study on Estimation Accuracy Improvement of Video Viewers' Emotions Using Bio-signals (Master Thesis)
  • Yuki MOCHIKURA: A Study on Emotion Classification and Estimation of Individual Video Viewers and among Video Viewers Using Bio-signals (Master Thesis)
  • Hiroki ONO: A Study on Comparison of Comic Reader's Emotion Estimation Using Bio-signals by Unsupervised and Supervised Learnings (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Makoto KANEKO: Study on Evaluation of Semantic Segmentation Using Fashion Images Posted to Instagram (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Kosuke KUROSAWA: A Study on Anomaly Detection Using Dimensionality Reduction Applied to Mass Questionnaire Data (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Kanato SAKAMA: A Study on Generating Predictive Frames based on PredNet and its Performance Evaluation (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Yang ZHENG: Object Recognition in Infrared Night-driving Images by Semantic Segmentation (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Xinran LI: A Study on Stress Changes before and after Listening to Music Using Bio-signals (Bachelor Thesis)

September 2020 Graduates

  • Hoang Anh DANG: Semantic Image Recognition Methods by Using Deep Learning (Doctor Thesis)
  • Qizhi MA: Exploiting the Influence of Side Information in Place-of-Interest Recommendation (Master Thesis)

March 2020 Graduates

  • Takayuki SAKAMOTO: Study on Quality of Experience Estimation by Using Bio-Signals while Watching Video with Smart-phone (Master Thesis)
  • Yuya TOYAMA: Study on Automatic Music Composition and Music Similarity by Using Deep Learning (Master Thesis)
  • Sakura YAMAKI: Study on Taxi Demand Prediction using Context and Spatio-Tamporal Data (Master Thesis)
  • Koudai WATANABE: A Study on Neural Sign Language Translation Considering Spatio-Temporal Features (Master Thesis)
  • Tomohiro INOUE: A Study on Estimation of Comic Reader’s Emotion using Bio-Signals (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Kentaro OIKE: Study on QoE Estimation for Video with Variable Bitrates by using Bio-signals (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Mizuki KIKUMOTO: User Behavior Classification using Traffic Smart Card Data by Cluster Analysis (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Yuma KITAGAWA: A Study on Estimation of SNS Users’ Emotion using Bio-signals (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Marina KINOSHITA: Study on Image Semantic Segmentation Evaluation for Fashion Photos Taken by Users (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Anjana GOVINDARAJAN: Study on Determining a Particular User’s Music Taste by Analysing Biosignal Information (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Connie ZHOU: Determination of Movie Preferences by Analyzing Biosignals (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Nanami TANIZAWA: A Study on Music Listener ’s Emotion Estimation Using Bio-signals (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Syotarou MISHINA: Study on Estimating Subjective Video Quality of Mobile Users under Daily Circumstances (Bachelor Thesis)

September 2019 Graduates

  • Kazuki ITO: A Categorizing Method of Positive Samples on Hot Rolled Rolling Manufacturing Line (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Hiroyuki TAKAHASHI: Traffic-Smart-Card User Behavior Analysis Focusing on Destination Station using Sparse Coding (Bachelor Thesis)

March 2019 Graduates

  • Akio OISHI: Study on QoE Estimation of Video Quality using Multimodal Bio-signals (Master Thesis)
  • Atsushi KATO: A Study on Pupillary Light Reflex Compensation (Master Thesis)
  • Runa SHIBUTA: A Study on Estimation of Listeners' Music Preference by using Bio-signals (Master Thesis)
  • Yui TAGAMI: A Study on Video Viewers' Emotion Classification and Estimation by using Bio-signals and Facial Feature Points (Master Thesis)
  • Yuhmi ONDA: A Study on User Behavior Prediction based on Traffic Smart Card Data (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Naruki KANNO: A Study on Comparing Accuracy of Sign Language Recognition Methods using Deep Learning (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Hiromi SHIMIZU: Study on Context Analysis of Mobile Device Users by Lifelog Data (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Yukiko TABATA: Study on Preference and Impression of Music Listeners using Bio-signals (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Maho HAMADA: QoE Evaluation by using Bio-signals while Watching Video with Delay (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Yuuki HIROI: A Study on Person Re-identification between Non-overlapped Cameras using High Definition Images by CNN (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Misato MATSUMURA: A Study on Video Viewers' Emotion Estimation by Correspondence Analysis of Bio-signals and Questionnaire Response by using Deep Neural Network (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Yuki MOCHIKURA: A Study on Classification and Estimation of Video Viewers' Emotion by using Bio-signals Considering Time Sequence (Bachelor Thesis)

March 2018 Graduates

  • Akihiko KAWAUCHI: Quality of Experience Estimation during Video Play with Delay using Multiple Biometric Information (Master Thesis)
  • Ryohei HASHIMOTO: Video Viewer's Emotion Analysis using Nasal Skin Temperature and other Bio-signals (Master Thesis)
  • Ying FU: Video Viewer's Emotion Classification and Estimation using Multi-modal Bio-signlas (Master Thesis)
  • Masataka YOSHIDA: Correspondenca between Background Activity, Listner's Impression and Music while Listening to Music (Master Thesis)
  • Takayuki SAKAMOTO: QoE Estimation against Video Quality while Watching Television and Smart Phone (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Shun SUGATA: Anormaly Detection in Hot Strip Rolling using SRC (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Masato TADA: Estimation of Concentration Loosing of Car Drivers using Bio-signals (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Yuya TOYAMA: Automatic Music Composing using LSTM (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Hikari NISHIGUCHI: Person Re-identification between Non-overlapped Cameras by Extended SRC (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Sakura YAMAKI: User Behavior Analysis based on Big Data of Traffic Smart Card (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Koudai WATANABE: Person Re-identification between Non-overlapped Cameras by Convolutional Neural Network (Bachelor Thesis)

September 2017 Graduates

  • Xiasi Liu: Predicting User’s Next Place by User’s Attributes and Trajectories (Master Thesis)

March 2017 Graduates

  • Yankun Li: A Study on Extracting Image Characteristics Considering Optimization and Similarity of Sparse Coding Bases (Master Thesis)
  • Felix putra SJAMSUDIN: EEG-based Authentication with Machine Learning (Master Thesis)   
  • Akio Oishi: Measurement and Evaluation on Bio-signals against Video Quality for QoE Estimation (Bachelor Theis)
  • Atsushi KATO: On More Accurate Pupilary Light Reflection (Bachelor Theis)
  • Runa SHIBUTA: Estimation on Listening Order and Preference of Music by using Bio-signals (Bachelor Theis)
  • Yui TAGAMI: Emotion Classification of Video Viewers by using Sparse Coding (Bachelor Theis)
  • Aoi TOYODA: Singing Voice Separation among Several Singers (Bachelor Theis)
  • Shiho NAGAI: Estimation of Concentration and Interestingness by using Eye Information (Bachelor Theis)
  • Kouhei MOROI: Human Image Characteristic Analysis by using Usage Frequency of Sparse Coding Bases (Bachelor Theis)

September 2016 Graduates

  • Mario SAPUTRA: Image Similarity Estimation based on Relevance Feedback using Eye Information (Master Thesis)
  • Akihiro KANDA: Similarity and Feature Extraction of Image using Sparse Coding (Bachelor Thesis)

March 2016 Graduates

  • Ryosuke MIKI: Music Classification based on Impression Similarity using Background Activity (Master Thesis)
  • Motoki NAGASHIMA: Research on Abnormality Detection in Multi-dimensional Time-series Data using Sparse Coding (Master Thesis)
  • Akihiko KAWAUCHI: QoE Estimation for Initial Video Delay using Pupil Size and Background Activity (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Ryoka NAGAI: Shortening Pupilary Light Reflection Compensation Time (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Chie NISHIDA: QoE Estimation for Video Quality using Pupil Size and Background Activity (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Ryohei HASHIMOTO: User Emotion Estimation at Video Viewing by using Nose Skin Temparature (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Ying FU: User Emotion Classification at Video Viewing by using Multi-modal Vital Signals (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Masataka Yoshida: Intra-user and Inter-users Impression Estimation for Music using Background Activity (Bachelor Thesis)

September 2015 Graduates

  • Zhang Weifeng: Mindlessness and Mindfulness Detection Using Eye Information (Master Thesis)
  • Malyar Farahee: Hands-free Driving Using Brain Signal (Master Thesis)

March 2015 Graduates

  • Channa Van: Khmer Text Tokenization for Text Retrieval System (Doctor Thesis)
  • Hiroaki Shiraishi: A Study on Objective Measurement of Understanding by using Biometric Signals (Master Thesis)
  • Yuki Nishiguchi: Image Classification with Eye Movement and Pupil Size (Master Thesis)
  • Yu-chieh Wu: The Acceptance of Virtual Fitting Room in Apparel Physical Stores (Master Theme Research)
  • Misaki Inutsuka: Relationship between User Response and Video Category using Pupil Size and Background Activity (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Rina Uekusa: Categorization of Music using Background Activity and Impression Evaluation (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Mae Egawa: Pupilary Light Reflection Analysis and Compensation using Various Brightness Patterns (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Takayuki Kameta: Analysis of Pupil Size, Eye Gaze and Blinking to Detect Tiredness while Watching Video (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Yuki Kawauchi: Evaluation of Interest Level and Already-read/Unread of Comics using Eye Gaze (Bachelor Thesis)

September 2014 Graduates

  • PAKPAHAN, Christina Natalia: Personalized Audiovisual Program Recommendation Utilizing User Implicit Rating and User Grouping based on Watch-Flow Algorithm (Master Thesis)
  • Masafumi Kuroda: Pupillary Light Reflex Model using Arithmentic Mean (Bachelor Thesis)

March 2014 Graduates

  • Ken Matsui: A Study on Reading Behavior and Interest Level Estimations Based on Comic Reader's Gaze and Pupil Size (Master Thesis)
  • Haku Lee: A Study on User Interest Level Estimation using Pupil Size (Master Thesis)
  • Chen Feng: A Study on Realizing Content Retrieval System using HBase and Japanese WordNet (Master Thesis)
  • Almogbel Mohammad Abdullah A: Next Generation AR Satellite Navigation Display Utilizing Gazing-Point to Deliver a Safer Method of Conveying Navigation Instructions to Drivers (Master Thesis)
  • Kae Lyu: On Trend of SmartTV and Secondary Screen -Application and Realization of Next-generation TV Advertisement Model- (Master Theme Research)
  • Kyu Ryou: Effective Storage Method of Huge XML Data (Master Theme Research)
  • Yu Tahara: A Relationship Analysis between Similarity of Audiovisual Sequence and User Response against Audiovisual Sequence using Pupil Size and Background Activity (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Ryosuke Shinoda: Analysis on User's Gaze while Watching Movies (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Makoto Ishiguro: Analysis on Estimating Users' Surprise or Confusion Based on Background Activity (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Ryosuke Miki: Music Classification using Background Activity (Bachelor Thesis)

September 2013 Graduates

  • Tai Bin: A Study on Analyzing Taste Preference using Brain Signals (Master Thesis)
  • Haqbeen Jawad Ahmad: A Study on the Privacy Setting of Social Networking System (Master Theme Research)
  • Pakornchat Pojanapreecha: A Study on Analyzing Similarity of User Viewing Behavior using Gazing-Path (Master Theme Research)

March 2013 Graduates

  • Ny Sokhour: A Study on Comic Reader's Behavior and Emotion Analysis Based on Pupil Size and Gaze Path (Master Thesis)
  • Eri Kawamura: A Study on Relationship Analysis between User's Pupil Size and Background Activity against Audiovisual Sequences (Master Thesis)
  • Syo Tei: Conversion of Traditional Chinese Wood Engraving into Stereoscopic Image (Master Theme Research)

September 2012 Graduates

  • DANG Anh Hoang: Efficient Object Recognition for AR (Augmented Reality) Application (Master Thesis)
  • Dinh Hung Quoc: Personalized TV-Program Recommendation System Using User's Watching Sequences (Master Thesis)

March 2012 Graduates

  • Supheakmungkol SARIN: Semantic Image Understanding using Image Analysis and Related Information (Doctor Thesis)

March 2011 Graduates

  • KRUY VANNA: Khmer Optical Character Recognition (Master Thesis)
  • Tatsuro Kawashima: New Advertisement Method for Hybrid-broadcast (Master Theme Research)
  • Sha Kim: Development of Internet Chat in China (Master Theme Research)

September 2010 Graduates

  • Van Channa: Khmer Information Retrieval System based on Query Expansion and Word Segmentation (Master Thesis)

March 2010 Graduates

  • Yuya Ono: Video Summarization based on Bio-signals (Master Thesis)
  • Yutaka Moriya: A Study of Constructing of Digital Archive System for Museum Multimedia Contents (Master Thesis)

September 2009 Graduates

  • Pao SRIPRASERTSUK: Model and Analysis for Effective Content Distribution (Doctor Thesis)

March 2009 Graduates

  • Tadashi Miyosawa: Study On Adaptive Multimedia Content Distribution Method in Telecommunication and Broadband Convergence (Doctor Thesis)
  • Peilin CHIANG: Email Classification By Importance Using User Behavior Analysis (Master Thesis)
  • Tomohiro Murata: Automatic Japanese Thesaurus Building Using Web Resources (Master Thesis)

September 2008 Graduates

  • Margie Abracia Frialde: Convergence of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Agriculture: A Comparative Analysis of Selected Countries and Recommendation for the Philippines (Master Thesis)

March 2008 Graduates

  • Md. Humayun Kabir: On Context Awareness Navigation System for Hospital (Master Thesis)

September 2007 Graduates

  • Akiko Seki: On a Rights Circulation Platform for Open Rights Circulation (Doctor Thesis)
  • NOU Chenda: Khmer Part-of-Speech Tagging (Master Thesis)
  • TRAN QUOC DUNG: Ontology-based Information Extraction and Information Retrieval in Health Care Domain (Master Thesis)
  • SARIN Supheakmungkol: Semi-Automatic Personal Digital Photographs Annotation using Personal and Public Information (Master Thesis)
  • YUAN-KANG WANG: A research on a Content Editor of fulfilling Rights Inheritance (Master Thesis)

March 2007 Graduates

  • NI Chanbi: Video Summarization Based on the Grammar of Film and Subjective Rating (Master Thesis)

September 2005 Graduates

  • Takumi Ohkatsu: Metadata Generation and Distribution System Using Blog (Master Thesis)

March 2005 Graduates

  • Taihei DAIKOKU: Automatic Generation of TV-Program Metadata Using the Internet Chat System (Master Thesis)
  • Kazuki Hosono: Program Viewing Control System (Master Thesis)
  • MURAYAMA MAI: On Dynamic Selection of Reactive Routing Protocols for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks (Master Thesis)

March 2004 Graduates

  • Takaki Nonomura: Efficient Content Retrieval Method Using Temporal and Inter-element Relations (Master Thesis)
  • Amy Tzu Ya Huang: Advanced Broadcasting Services on Bi-Directional Networks (Master Thesis)
  • Izumi Masuko: Information Retrieval Efficiency Using Users’ Personal Information (Master Thesis)
  • Masayoshi Watanabe: Discovering and Updating Fragment-Metadata on Fragment-Metadata Exchange Method (Master Thesis)

September 2003 Graduates

  • Junichi Suzuki: Fragment Metadata Exchanging for Wider Contents Distribution (Master Thesis)
  • Jinyang Jang: Open Source Software Environment Supporting Users Using Web Services (Master Thesis)
  • Taro Moroi: Managements of E-money and Contents-viewing for Digital Contents Distribution (Master Thesis)

March 2003 Graduates

  • Yu Li: Middleware Suite Supporting Distributed Collaborative Editing (Master Thesis)
  • Yuuichi Akada: Information Retrieval System Using GPS(Master Thesis)
  • Soichiro Ushio: An Advanced STB Enabling Local Program Organization with Huge Storage and Based on User Preference (Master Thesis)
  • Youji Kita: Automatic Generation and Tuning of User Preference Meta-Data (Master Thesis)
  • Ling Jin: Efficient Information Discovery and Exchange for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (Master Thesis)
  • Akiko Seki: Rights Management and Processing Scheme for Multimedia Contents Distribution (Master Thesis)
  • Kenji Fukuda: Personalization of Contents Presentation on Mass Media (Master Thesis)
  • Tatsuo Yoro: Relating Impressive Words with Face Images Using Neural Network (Master Thesis)
  • Susumu Yoshizawa: Information Distribution System Using Human Behavioral History in Mobile Computing Environments (Master Thesis)

September 2002 Graduates

  • Pao Sriprasertsuk: Searching Audio-Visual Contents using User’s Feedback Information (Master Thesis)
  • Soichiro Mori: Metadata Sharing Method for Metadata Circulation (Master Thesis)

March 2002 Graduates

  • Tadaaki Kakihara: Electronic-Program-Guide Display Methods for Digital Broadcasting (Master Thesis)
  • Jumpei Takeyama: XML-Based Cooperative Working System and its Versioning under Dispersive Working Environment (Master Thesis)
  • Akihiro Watanabe: Network-Adaptive Real-Time Video Transmission Control Using RTP/RTCP (Master Thesis)

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