Future of Multimedia Systems and Applications

Dept. of Communications and Computer Eng., School of Fundamental Sc. and Eng., Waseda Univ.
Dept. of Computer Sc. and Communications Eng., Graduate School of Fundamental Sc. and Eng. Waseda Univ.

Welcome To Kameyama Lab., Waseda University

  • We investigate Multimedia Information Distribution Systems from various aspects.
  • Some of the topics are: establishing information distribution model and analysis, naming scheme and optimized content caching in CCN (Content Centric Network), DRM systems contributing secondary information flow, metadata extraction and analysis of video and image, recommendation systems based on personal preference analysis, and preference analysis and content classification using bio-signals.
  • We have many international students coming from China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Viet Nam, Afghanistan, etc. We enjoy the melting-pot of cultures and languages.

Kameyama Lab., Waseda Univ.
Nishi-waseda Campus

Waseda Univ. Shillman Hall 6F,
3-14-9, Okubo, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo 169-0072 Japan